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Sárközy Péter Foundation for Bioculture

For already half a decade, the foundation promoting devotedly and with determination the protection of environment and nature, organic farming, bioculture, bio, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle has been demonstrating through its activities that it preserves, maintains and pursues developing the principles outlined when the bio-movement was established, in the spirit of Professor Dr. Péter Sárközy, one of the founders of bioculture, permanent honourable president of the foundation.

The aim of the foundation is to raise the awareness of bioculture and to produce bioculture-related publications, to organise exhibitions, conferences, courses, meetings, start scholarships, grants, to promote the growth of organic farming, processing, distribution, to create and manage ecological database, to award the Sárközy Commemorative Medal.

The foundation is the founding member of KÖSZ.

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