Our company was established in March 2006.

The owners are Dr. Ing. Ladislav Palík and Klára Palíková.

We are engaged in organic farming and trade.


Our activities:


Plant production

- crops production on arable land

- cultivation of fruit

- cultivation of vegetables

- viticulture


Animal production

- cattle breeding


Food production

- drying of fruit and vegetables

- production of marmalades


Wine making





- Retail

- Wholesale


Our products are certified BIO-products.


Plant production:

We grow crops primarily on arable land, but an essential part of our plant production is the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, as well as viticulture.

Field crops: wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, rape, etc.

Fruit: apples, plums, pears, etc.

Vegetables: carrot, celery, parsley, beetroot, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkin, onion, garlic, etc.

Viticulture: We grow 60 thousand vine roots on the area of 15 hectares.


Animal production:

In animal production, we deal mainly with cattle breeding, we breed approx. 150 animals. Livestock manure is utilized in plant production.


Food production:

We process a significant part of the grown bio fruit and bio vegetables by drying, which is one of the oldest, most natural and most gentle preservation methods. Basically, we gradually reduce the fruit and vegetables water content, by which most valuable components in concentrated form are retained. In our production, drying is a very gentle process at the temperature of 40 °C; thus, we preserve valuable nutrients and vitamins in them.  In addition, we also produce fruit brandy from fruit; currently, our buyers can choose out of approximately 30 types.

Our newest products are marmalades. It all started with a plum marmalade, but since then we have also been making apple marmalade, apple marmalade with pumpkin, apple marmalade with beetroot; and our plum marmalade with wine has been a great success as well. Our marmalades are produced from plenty of healthy and ripe fruit, with a handful of love.

It is very difficult to compete with flavour enhancers and additives, but maybe that is the reason why natural flavours have become so popular.

Drying allows us to consume fruit and vegetables anytime throughout the year.

Dried fruit in muesli for breakfast or added to yoghurt makes our food more versatile. As we remove water from it, its calorie content is a bit bigger than in fresh fruit, but it has at the same time more intensive taste and gives us pleasure from eating sweets. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Healthy sweets at last!

We recommend dried vegetables to anyone who wants to save time when cooking their Sunday lunch. Dried vegetables are stored easily and in small space, there is no need to peel them and in concentrated form, they contain vitamins and minerals found in fresh-picked vegetables.


Wine making:

Grapes have been grown in Želiezovce and its vicinity as soon as around 1600 AD.

More significant development took place at the end of 1700 when the Želiezovce manor house came into the possession of Eszterházy family. At that time, the region experienced great progress, they built a castle in Želiezovce, and they modernized agriculture significantly. Modernization of manorial vineyards is also associated with the name of Eszterházy, who placed great emphasis on the quality of wine making as well. In Veľký Pesek vineyard that belonged to the manor, he had a beautiful cellar built, from which Count’s wine was imported even to Vienna.

After the Second World War, the cellar became state owned.

Interestingly, the variety of Pesecká Leánka was bred in it in 1957. It was bred by Ernest Horňáček and Michal Zabadal from the varieties of Medovec, Muscat and Feteasca Regala. In the vineyard, we may find several original roots of Feteasca Regala even today.

From 1992, the cellar had several holders, the building burnt out in 2001 and the vineyard was completely destroyed.

In 2003, the vineyard became privately owned. The owners Ladislav Palík and Klára Palíková realized complete vine planting, and nowadays they are growing 60 thousand vine roots on the area of 15 hectares. The harvest is used to produce bio wine with special care.

They have also renovated the cellar building.

They process the grapes in the old-time, more than 230 year-old Veľký Pesek wine cellar, which has not been destroyed by the whirlwinds of history of past centuries. 

Besides fresh, light fruit drinks you may also find fine fleshly white and red wines.

Our aim is to produce high-quality, affordable varietal wines carrying the specifity of the Pesek vineyard. 



For all those seeking for the peace of countryside, tasty foods and quality wines, our cellar situated in an idyllic environment provides a pleasant rest and relax. We hold various occasional events, family meetings, wine tasting, wine dinners. In doing so we pay a great attention to collecting and maintaining the relics of the local history.

Our visitors can look through the explored and collected documents of the local character in the premises of the cellar.



We sell bred livestock, grown crops and products made of them both in our country and abroad.

In Želiezovce we run a bio shop where we sell our own bio products and bio products of other producers.